2019 AGM &
World Conference
Athens Greece

WorldPride 2021

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PrideRadar 2016_2017


All pride events around the world in one report. In depth analysis about the trends within the global pride movement. This report connects the Pride movement with the hostility of countries they operate in. Download the PrideRadar report


Scholarship Application

Pride organizations may apply to the Scholarship Fund. This fund was created to assist as many organizations as possible to attend the Annual General Meeting and World Conference. To request scholarship funding please complete the application. Go to application form


Human Rights and Pride

InterPride believes that all people are born free and equal with dignity and rights. However, we are keenly aware that around the world, there remains many incidents where an individual’s sexual orientation or gender identity can lead them to face discrimination, violence, imprisonment, torture or even execution. InterPride believes that the Pride movement is integral to advancing the legal and social equality of LGBTI people around the world. Read more


PrideLife Magazine

The official magazine of InterPride, PrideLife – in North America and the UK – is distributed worldwide through our extensive member network. Featuring the news, lifestyle information and entertainment pertaining to the LGBTQ+ community, PrideLife contains the latest news about InterPride along with a comprehensive list of our members. If it matters to the Global Pride Movement, it’s in PrideLife. 
View all issues online here