InterPride Annual Board of Directors Nominations Now Open!

If you're interested in serving on a hard-working Board of Directors as a leader in the international Pride movement, the following four (4) executive officer positions will be open for four (4) year terms starting October 2020 through October 2024:

  • Co-President (Male Identified)
  • Vice President of Member Services
  • Vice President, Global Outreach and Partnership Management (Male/Non-Binary Identified)
  • Secretary

Candidates need to submit a Letter of Intent (stating their full name, the name of the full member organization they are affiliated with, and the Board of Directors position they are seeking). The Letter of Intent should include why they are interested in the position, what they believe they will bring to InterPride, and what similar positions they have held previously.

The candidates also need to send a Letter of Endorsement signed by their affiliated full member organization (on letterhead), a high-resolution (preferably 300 dpi) headshot, a biography that does not exceed 400 words, and three (3) references.

If the nominees prefer, they can combine their letter of intent with the bio, as long as both together do not exceed 400 words.

DEADLINE:  Please send nominations to by 6:59 AM GMT on September 1, 2020.

2020 AGM and World Conference Updates

As previously announced, the InterPride and EPOA Annual General Meetings and World Conference that was to take place in Oslo in October 2020, is being moved to an virtual format and digital platforms due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Registration fees for the conference has been refunded. Please email if your registration fee has not yet been refunded.

Oslo Pride is now assembling an online workshop program that will be held in conjunction with the Annual General Meetings of InterPride and EPOA on October 1-3, 2020.

World Conference Registration

Conference Registration is now open. Because of the format change, everyone needs to re-register for the conference at the link below, and anyone registering for the conference will need to know the following:

There is no charge for registration, but all participants must be from a member Pride Organization. 

Deadline to register is 20 September 2020 for all participants, for security and connection reasons, all participants will need to register in advance the Registrations received after that time will be charged $50.00 USD that will be earmarked for the Solidarity Fund. All attendees need to register individually, even if they plan to attend by watching from the same device with someone else.

Registration Form

The conference organizers are looking for people interested in presenting an online workshop during this year's World Conference.

You can indicate your interest in holding a workshop by filling out this form by 1 August 2020. The team from Oslo Pride is planning to publish the workshop program on the conference website by early September.

Visit for updates.

World Conference Caucuses

InterPride will continue the process of holding caucuses in conjunction with the conference. Earlier this year a committee worked to develop a list of caucuses to be held. We will schedule a ninety-minute session for each caucus the week prior to the conference with a shorter check-in scheduled during the conference weekend. The registration form has a place for you to select which caucus you are interested in attending.

The first week of September we will email those interested in each caucus to identify who with facilitate that caucus. The facilitator’s main role is to keep the discussion moving so all individuals can participate in the discussion. Please email Hadi Damien [] if you have any questions on the caucuses.

  • People People with a Communication disorders (related to Speech and Language: Autism Spectrum Disorder; Aphasia);
  • Differently Abled; People with Reduced Mobility; People with Special Needs; People with Visual Impairments; People who have no hearing or are hard of hearing Caucus.
  • Trans*, Gender Non-Conforming Caucus.
  • Women’s Caucus.
  • People of Color & Indigenous People Caucus (Lo Roberts is working to identify the facilitator for this caucus)
  • People living with HIV Caucus
  • Bisexual Caucus
  • Small Prides Caucus
  • Seniors/Elders Caucus

2021 AGM and World Conference

We are considering moving the 2021 Conference in Guadalajara to 2022 and holding a virtual conference in its place. Please click on the link below to complete the short survey based on what you know about the response and future plans from COVID-19:





24 June 2020

Global Pride, the 24-hour virtual Pride taking place this weekend, will shine a light on LGBTQIA+ community members from every continent. Organisers say it has the potential to be the largest LGBTQIA+ event ever.

Over 500 Pride and LGBTQIA+ community organisations from 91 countries contributed more than 1,500 films to the Global Pride project, which launched on 1 April with less than three months to plan, organise and deliver the event.

Organisers have already announced a number of world politicians including former US Vice President Joe Biden, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, and Austrian President Alexander van der Bellen. The broadcast includes many more political leaders including the only openly transgender MP in Europe Vladimir Luxuria, Mayor of New York Bill de Blasio, and Argentinian government legislator Vilma Ibarra. The event will also amplify Black voices, in acknowledgement of the international response to the deaths of George Floyd, Tony McCabe and others that has prompted a historic demand for racial justice by working with founders of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Story continues


A complete list of participants will be posted prior to 27 June but here are several additions that represent just some of the extraordinary diversity that viewers will see as part of Global Pride:

Sophia Jimémez, a singer and drag queen from Mexico who has performed with stars of Ru Paul’s Drag Race and was a finalist in La Más Draga 2, a television talent show of drag queens.

Denise Ho is a Hong Kong-based Cantopop singer and actress, as well as a pro-democracy and Hong Kong human rights activist. Ho has been blacklisted by the Chinese government for her active participation in the 2014 Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong. 

Ahmed Alaa was jailed in Egypt after raising a rainbow flag at a concert in Cairo 2017 and in the Global Pride broadcast gives a moving tribute to Sarah Hegazi, a lesbian activist jailed with him but who took her own life earlier this month. She had suffered post-traumatic stress disorder following torture whilst in prison.

Also from Africa, Ahmed Umar is a sculptor from Sudan who talks about the fight for LGBTI+ equality in his country where homosexuality can still attract the death penalty. Contributions come from a number of other countries where LGBTQIA+ people face severe social and legal restrictions, including Iraq, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Syria, Iran, Palestine, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco and Jamaica. More than 20 Prides in India will feature, alongside Trans Pride Pakistan and Nemat Sadat from Afghanistan. 

Almost all countries in Asia are included, as well as more than 40 contributions from Africa. The show will also feature a surprising contribution from Antarctica. 

“I remember the first conversation we had about this project, and how so many people thought it would be an impossible task to deliver, especially in less than three months,” said Steve Taylor of European Pride Organisers Association. “But yet again the grit and determination of the LGBTQIA+ community has ensured we will have an historic, ground-breaking show that will bring our community together in these trying times. Global Pride is our time to shine, our time to show the enormous and beautiful diversity of LGBTQIA+ people in every corner of the world.”

A team of more than 50 volunteer curators, editors and producers have spent hours reviewing, preparing and editing the content ready for the YouTubeFacebook and Revry broadcast on Saturday [27 June]. They are part of a larger volunteer team of around 100 people from 24 countries, drawn mainly from Pride organisations around the world, led by European Pride Organisers Association and InterPride. A relief fund has been established and donations to Global Pride will go towards supporting Prides affected by COVID19, to ensure they can survive this year. 

“Global Pride is a vision. It is our movement’s response to the COVID-19 crisis. It began with a few people and grew into this unbelievable event that includes over 500 LGBTQIA+ led organisations from over 80 countries,” said J Andrew Baker of InterPride. “Nearly 40 partners have supported us to make that vision reality. Even during an economic crisis, companies and their LGBTQIA+ employees have provided much-needed resources. Businesses around the world have a place in the fight for LGBTQIA+ equality and human rights protection, and each partner that has supported Global Pride is helping us to ensure the visibility of our community and to shout out for inclusion and the end of discrimination.”

Support has been given through partnerships with Queerty, Q.Digital, LGBTQ Nation, Facebook, Gilead Sciences, iHeart Radio, Revry, Time Out Group, We Are Social, DIVA Media Group, AARP, George Michael, and Pride Basics.

Global Pride will be broadcast on Saturday 27 June at and on Todrick Hall’s YouTube, Facebook and Revry.


Global Pride has spokespersons in every region of the world. In the first instance, members of the media can get in touch with our communications team as follows:

  • Steve Taylor (based in Copenhagen) – email
  • Cathy Renna (based in New York) – email

Please do not email Steve and Cathy with general enquiries; these should be sent to


For media enquiries please contact more information contact 

For general enquiries contact Steve Taylor | Cathy Renna


For media requests or interviews contact:  
Like our Facebook Page, Join our Facebook Group, tweet us @Interpride, follow us on Instagram, and watch us on YouTube.


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