Executive Officer nominations are closed

Nominations for Executive Officer positions for 2019-2021 are closed.

  • Co-President, Female Identified
  • Treasurer
  • Vice President Global Outreach (x2) - there are two positions to be elected.
  • Vice President Development
  • Vice President Accessibility, Diversity and Inclusion


Bylaw Amendments

Amendments to the bylaws for consideration are closed.

Questions about changes to the Bylaws should be referred to the Methods & Standards Co-Chairs.



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Media Releases

2017.00.00 | Letter of Support
InterPride Co-Presidents Letter of Support to Ukraine Pride

2016.00.00 | Media Statement
InterPride Condemns Violence at Istanbul Pride

2016.06.13 | Media Statement
InterPride Condemns Orlando Mass Shooting

2016.04.25 | In Memorium
InterPride mourns Miss Vicky

2015.07.30 | Media Release
InterPride Condemns Jerusalem Pride Parade Attack

2015.06.27 | Media Release
2015 Solidarity Fund Grants Announced

2015.06.08 | Letter of Support
InterPride Co-Presidents' Support of Seoul Pride

2015.05.16 | Letter of Support
InterPride Co-Presidents' Support Verona Pride

2015.03.13 | Letter of Support
InterPride Supports EuroPride 2015 in Riga, Latvia



Opinion by Mark Smith
«The popular kids are in charge,
that’s ok they are nice»

Opinion by Frank Van Dalen
«Emancipatory Impact of Pride Events»

Opinion by Sho Watanabe
«Pride Parade in Japan»

Opinion by Emmanuel Temores
«Uprise of Pride Movement in Mexico»
«Cómo marcha el Orgullo Gay en México»

Opinion by InterPride Human Rights Committee
«Pride movement needs to be alert in Europe"