About Global Pride

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on Pride organisations worldwide with hundreds of marches and events cancelled or postponed. Global Pride was established to provide an opportunity for the LGBTIQ+ community around the world to come together to celebrate diversity and equality during these challenging times.

Global Pride 2020 was launched on 1 April as a partnership between InterPride, the European Pride Organisers Association, and national Pride networks in several countries. It’s being led by a team of volunteers from every region of the world who are all committed to ensuring that everyone, everywhere, can take part in Pride this June. More details visit Global Pride 2020  

Lead Organizers

Partner Organizations

* In the absence of a Pride network in the region, Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras are coordinating the participation of Pride organisations in Asia Pacific and Oceania regions.

Funding From Global Pride

Proceeds from Global Pride have been regranted to support the Pride movement and Pride organizations worldwide. Pride organizations work on the front lines as beacons of hope and connectivity providing the world’s most vulnerable with human rights and social justice community-based support. The proceeds have been distributed into three areas:

  • Relief fund: Pride organizations that are in financial distress due to COVID19
  • Support fund: Organizations / groups / Pride organizations to support projects that empower LGBTQI+ communities or Pride events in underserved communities or regions
  • Racial justice fund: Pride organizations with specific work that promotes change to end generations of inequities, racism, injustice, and systemic oppression

Pride organizations were able to apply for more than one fund, but were required to complete separate applications for each fund for which they were requesting support. Full details on the criteria and application process (now closed) can be found later on this page.

Grant Awards

The following is the list of grants awarded by Global Pride. All amounts are shown in United States Dollars (USD).

Relief Funds

Allied Rainbow Communities / Malta Pride 1,000 Malta
Arcigay Varese (Varese Pride) 1,000 Italy
Asociacion LGTB Arcoiris 1,000 Honduras
Asociación Silueta X 1,000 Ecuador
Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center 1,000 United States
Budapest Pride 1,000 Hungary
Cape Town Teen Pride 1,000 South Africa
Cathedral City LGBT Days 1,000 United States
Coeur Arc-en-ciel 1,000 Congo
Corporación Stonewall 1,000 Colombia
Ferndale Pride 1,000 United States
Gaborone Pride  1,000 Botswana
Gandhinagar Queer Pride 1,000 India
Gay Harmony 1,000 Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China
Greater Palm Springs Pride 1,000 United States
Guadalajara Pride 1,000 Mexico
Health and Human Rights Cameroon 1,000 Cameroon
Pride in Hull 1,000 United Kingdom
ICS Center 1,000 Vietnam
Inclusive Bangladesh 1,000 Bangladesh
Institute of Equality  (PL – Instytut Rownosci) 1,000 Poland
Instituto Amizade de Direitos Humanos, Cidadania e Sustentabilidade – Distrito Federal/Goiás 1,000 Brazil
Jeunes Feministes Engagees pour le Changement 1,000 Congo
Khumbulani Pride 1,000 South Africa
Kuchu Times Media 1,000 Uganda
Lancaster Pride Association 1,000 United States
Las Vegas Pride 1,000 United States
Le Girofard 1,000 France
Lesbians, Gays and Bisexuals of Botswana – LEGABIBO 1,000 Botswana
Marcha de la diversidad, Pride Costa Rica 1,000 Costa Rica
Phoenix Pride, Inc. 1,000 United States
Pretoria LGBTQI+ Gay Pride 1,000 South Africa
Pride St. Charles 1,000 United States
PRIDE SV – ELSALVADORG 1,000 El Salvador
Quimbanda Dudu 1,000 Brazil
Rain Arcigay Caserta onlus / Caserta Pride 1,000 Italy
Rainbow Mission Foundation (Budapest Pride) 7,000 Hungary
Salford Pride 1,000 United Kingdom
San Diego Pride 1,000 United States
Seoul Queer Culture Festival 1,000 Korea
South Central MInnesota Pride 1,000 United States
Spencer Pride, Inc. 1,000 United States
St. Louis Black Gay & Lesbian Pride Committee, Inc. 1,000 United States
Stichting Zwolle Pride 1,000 Netherlands
Thessaloniki Pride 1,000 Greece
Umbria Pride – Omphalos APS 1,000 Italy
União do Povo de Santa Edwiges 1,000 Brazil
United and Strong Inc 1,000 Saint Lucia
Visual Echoes for Human Rights Advocacy (VEHRA) 1,000 Uganda
West Pide 1,000 Sweden


Support Funds

Association des Femmes Egales 1,000 Congo
Association of LGBT and their friends Mozaika 1,000 Latvia
Ensemble Pour le Développement Durable et Inclusive au Burundi, EDDIB en Sigle  1,000 Burundi
Fierte Montpellier Pride 1,000 France
Kapul champions 1,000 Papua New Guinea
Le Girofard 1,000 France
Marcha de la diversidad, Pride Costa Rica 1,000 Costa Rica
Movimiento Somos 1,000 Venezuela
Rain Arcigay Caserta onlus/Caserta Pride 1,000 Italy
Rainbow Pride Foundation 1,000 Fiji
CSD Bielefeld 1,000 Germany
Service Workers In Group Foundation 1,000 Uganda
St. Louis Black Gay & Lesbian Pride Committee, Inc. 1,000 United States
United Prides of Africa 1,000 South Africa
Visual Echoes for Human Rights Advocacy (VEHRA) 1,000 Uganda


Racial Justice Funds

Asociación Silueta X 5,000 Ecuador
Baham ARTS 4,500 France
ChillOut Daylesford Inc. 5,000 Australia
Diversity: Arts Music & Entertainment 5,000 Canada
Eastern Caribbean Alliance for Diversity and Equality (ECADE) 5,000 Saint Lucia
Pride in Hull 3,500 United Kingdom
Inclusive Bangladesh 1,000 Bangladesh
Little Rock Black Pride 5,000 United States
METU LGBTI+ Solidarity 10,000 Turkey
OUT Reach Africa 5,000 South Africa
San Diego LGBT Pride 5,000 United States

Thank You!

Thank you to all our Global Pride viewers, performers, speakers, volunteers, sponsors, partners and all those who have donated to the Global Pride Relief Fund. We wish you all, each and every one of you, a Happy Global Pride!

Thanks to your support we have re-granted more than $100,000 to Pride and LGBTI+ organizations around the world, to help them survive the COVID19 pandemic and to fight for social and racial justice.

Click Here to read the Global Pride 2020 Report

Covid-19 Relief Fund

Fifty-percent of the proceeds from Global Pride were to be allocated to organizations in financial distress due to COVID19. The actual amount was determined in mid-August, prior to the committee meeting to disburse the funds.
Awards were for USD 1,000 and were designed to provide some financial relief to Pride organizations that have suffered a financial loss due to COVID19 because of canceling an event or loss of income. This support was not for programming or producing events.

Screening Sub-Committee

  • Dave Wait, InterPride (USA)
  • Steve Taylor, European Pride Organisers Association (Denmark)
  • Ronald Zinke, CSD Deutschland (Germany)
  • Linda DeMarco, InterPride (USA)
  • Ron deHarte, US Association of Prides (USA)

Support Fund

Fifty-percent of the proceeds from Global Pride were to be allocated to the Support Fund. The sub-committee of this fund determined the amount for each purpose when they reviewed the applications. This fund was to support programming, producing events or racial justice activities.Applications for these two funds had rolling deadlines of August 15 2020, September 15 2020 and October 15 2020. Applications are now closed and no further applications are accepted.
  • Purpose 1: Organizations / groups / Pride organizations to support projects that empower LGBTQI+ communities or Pride events in underserved communities or regions.
    • An initial award of USD900 will be issued when the application is approved, the remaining USD100 will be issued once a final report is received
    • The activity must take place by October 31, 2021
    • The final report is to consist of a one-page summary of the event and two photographs of the event. The final report is due within 60 days for the event
  • Purpose 2: Pride organizations with specific work that promotes change to end inequities due to racism, injustice, and oppression. These awards will range between USD1,000 and USD10,000.
    • The initial award will be for 90% of the grant, the remaining 10% will be issued once a final report is received
    • The work must be completed by October 31, 2021
    • The final report is to consist of a summary of the program, a financial report of the program, and two documents/pictures that shows the work taking place. The final report is due within 60 days of the work being completed.
A screening sub-committee consisting of individuals that served on the Global Pride Secretariat reviewed the applications. The goal was to have all of these funds awarded by November 15, 2020. The program or event must be completed by September 30, 2021.

Screening Sub-Committee

  • Robyn Kennedy, InterPride (Australia)
  • Jen LaBarbera, San Diego Pride (USA)
  • Julian Sanjivan, InterPride (USA)
  • J Andrew Baker, InterPride (Switzerland)
  • Marsha H Levine, US Association of Prides (USA)
  • Matthew Van As, InterPride (South Africa)
  • Uwe Hörner, European Pride Organisers Association (Germany)

The committee agreed to use the InterPride definitions on what a Pride Organization and Pride event are, and the following is an extract from the InterPride Bylaws.
Pride Organization – An organization* that produces Pride Events as one of its major purposes or activities; and
  • Operates in the manner of a Non-governmental organization (NGO); and
  • Any profits of the organization must benefit the LGBTQIA+ communities.
*The organization may be either registered or unregistered with their local authority.Pride Event – A parade, march, rally, festival, arts festival, cultural activity or other event/ activity, and is at least partially open to the general public, organized for people identifying as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Intersex and/or other emerging sexual identities and promoting the visibility and/or validating the existence of those persons and commemorating the Stonewall Riots and/or a similar historic event/annual/periodic event and produced by a Pride Organization.