Human Rights and InterPride


Human Rights are one of the key areas InterPride focusses on.

InterPride makes annual scholarships available to Member Prides to participate in our World Conference. Remote participation is also available. During the conference, Pride organizers from around the world share their knowledge and experiences and build networks that strengthen local Prides.

In addition to scholarships, InterPride has a Solidarity Fund that provides financial assistance to LGBTI organizations which are trying to positively influence the situation of the LGBTI commu- nity in their respective local communities, organizers of Prides in hostile environments without government back-up and Pride organizers in economically weak countries. More specifically InterPride focusses on ideas and proposals that contribute to the increased visibility of the LGBTI community or are related to the Pride movement.


Within the area of Human Rights, InterPride formulated three main goals:

  • Increasing the awareness about Pride as a tool to support LGBTI rights and support Pride organizers in achieving and retaining impact on Human Rights.

  • Pursuing and safeguarding the right to assembly, the freedom of speech and the freedom of expression as essential rights for visible and safe Pride events.

  • Showing solidarity and organize campaigns for those in hostile environments or suffering from Human Rights violations in the context of Pride.

  • PrideRadar is one of the Human Rights projects of InterPride. Next to PrideRadar the introduction of online webinars and live-stream presentations are used as a training and awareness-creation tool for Pride organizers within the global movement. Story telling is another important part of our Human Rights work. Articles written by volunteers from around the world disclose developments within the Pride movement.


Prides in hostile environments or Pride organizers who face persecution or violent attacks can also count on the support of InterPride. Advocacy, a public voice or tokens of solidarity are tools for InterPride to fulfill its tasks. It is also important to visit Pride events around the world and take to the stage to visualize the global solidarity many Prides need. Building regional networks of Pride organizers on every continent as part of the global movement is one of the ways to strengthen the Global Pride Movement.

As long as the LGBTI community cannot freely and safely march in every city, in every village or in every street around the world, Human Rights will remain a priority for InterPride.