Our Team

InterPride is wholly run by volunteers who are all delegates of full Member Pride organizations. They serve as officers on the Board of Directors, regional representatives within the Global Advisory Council, co-chairs of committees and working groups, and caucus members. External consultants are regularly contracted to assist the organization as needed.

Board of Directors

InterPride is governed by a Board of Directors comprising 18 voting members:

  • 12 officers directly elected by the member organizations for a term of 4 years: 
    • 3 Co-Presidents 
    • 1 Secretary 
    • 1 Treasurer 
    • 1 Vice-President of Member Services 
    • 1 Vice-President of Fund Development 
    • 1 Vice-President of Accessibility, Diversity, and Inclusion
    • 4 Vice-Presidents of Global Outreach and Partnerships 
  • 6 regional representatives directly elected by the Global Advisory Council to further engage global representation and connection with member organizations.

All regional representatives and co-chairs of committees and working groups participate in Board meetings. They work closely with Board members, provide insight, and inform the organization’s decisions.


Linda DeMarco

Linda DeMarco – Co-President  
Linda is the Vice-President of the Board of Directors of Boston Pride. She joined Boston Pride in 1998 as a festival coordinator and brings expertise in business and finance to the Board. She was President of Boston Pride from 2000 to 2013. Professionally, Linda is a successful entrepreneur and has been the owner of Boston Pretzel Bakery Inc. for over 18 years.

Linda also serves on the Board of Directors of the Faneuil Hall Merchants Association and the Small Merchants Association of Boston’s Downtown Crossing. Linda was elected as Co-President of InterPride at the 2017 AGM & World Conference in Indianapolis, IN, USA.


Co-President [vacant]

Hadi Damien

Hadi Damien – Co-President Ω 
Born in Beirut in 1989, Hadi Damien is the initiator and organiser of Beirut Pride, the first Pride in the Arabic-speaking world. Arrested in May 2018, and placed in custody following the homophobic fabrication of a fake, sensational program that was attributed to Beirut Pride, he was released after the initiation of criminal proceedings against him, relative to the organisation of “events that incite to debauchery” and that are still ongoing. He authored the multi-sectoral framework for the LGBTIQ+ file in Lebanon (featuring a 10-year plan that responds to LGBTIQ+ challenges). Member of InterPride (Representative of Region 18, CSIC co-chair, committee member), he also sits on the International Advisory Boards of both AllOut NGO and the Human Rights Conference of the WorldPride Copenhagen 2021.

Postgraduate lecturer in the Jesuit Saint Joseph University in Beirut, he designs events and communications for the private and public sectors, and practices political communication. In this capacity, he lobbied during the Lebanese Parliament elections of May 2018 for LGBTIQ+ inclusion, succeeded in getting candidates and MPs to pledge support for the decriminalization of LGBTIQ status, then authored the decriminalization parliament bill. He also wrote a bill for the national HIV response that features 72 sections, including a large part about non-discrimination procedures.

Debbie Brixey

Debbie Brixey – Vice President, Member Services Ω
While in London Debbie worked in publishing and marketing. In 2000 she decided to change careers to become a freelance IT tutor, specializing in working with older people (usually 80+) and people with disabilities. She has continued to work in this field specializing in working with people with visual impairments and learning disabilities (including dyslexia). Debbie worked with the BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, to create accessible courseware for blind users as well as creating screen reader modules for some examining bodies in the UK. She currently works with a number of companies to deliver training, both online and in-person, and is a consultant on disability matters to several training organizations. She is passionate about accessibility and equality for people with disabilities.

In 2018 Debbie joined the committee of Oxford Pride as Communications Officer and also took on the role of Sponsorship and Fundraising Officer later in the same year. As Chair of Oxford Pride in 2019 she oversaw the biggest event to date with a two-week festival and a lot of community engagement in the months leading up to Pride Day. Debbie has actively helped new smaller Prides develop around Oxfordshire and sits on the committee of Witney Pride. 

Robyn Kennedy

Robyn Kennedy – Vice President of Global Outreach & Partnership 
Liaison to Regions 12, 15, 18, 19 & 20
Robyn Kennedy is a member of the Management Committee of Australian Pride organisation First Mardi Gras Inc. and a former member of the Board of Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. She has a long history of involvement in Pride and LGBQTI rights activism as well as broader social justice and human rights issues.

Robyn’s career has included senior roles in government, the not for profit sector and consultancy, with a focus on addressing social inequity and disadvantage. Robyn is a frequent international speaker and writer on LGBTQI rights issues, with a focus on grassroots action. Robyn was the 2018 recipient of ACON’s prestigious Community Hero Award in recognition of her contribution to advancing the rights of LGBTQI communities. She has also been recognised for her contribution to LGBTQI and women’s rights by the National Library of Australia in their collection of audio oral histories of distinguished Australians. 

For InterPride, Robyn has represented Region 20 on the Global Advisory Council and Co-Chairs the Human Rights and Diversity Committee and the Strategic Planning Committee. Over the last few years, Robyn has worked to better engage Region 20 in InterPride. In 2020, she established Oceania Pride which brings together the 20 countries of the region including those where homosexuality remains illegal.

Marsha Levine

Marsha H. Levine – Vice Presidents of Global Outreach & Partnership 
Liaison to Regions 1 (shared), 2, 3, 8 & 11

A Pride-organizing veteran since 1980, she has the distinction of being the Founder of InterPride and a co-founder of CAPI, Inc. (Consolidated Associations of Pride, Inc.). Currently, Marsha also serves as InterPride's Governance Committee Co-Chair. For 18 years, she was San Francisco Pride's Parade Manager, on top of a similar period as a volunteer for the organization in a variety of roles, including President and Vice President on their Board of Directors. In 2018, Marsha accepted the role of Community Relations Manager for SF Pride, responsible for coordinating community partners, volunteers, politicians, VIPs, and Grand Marshals. Prior to 1985, she was a member of Boston Pride for five years, the last three of which she served consecutively as their President. An activist since high school, Marsha has always been a strong advocate for human and civil rights.

Nicholas Rodriguez

Nicholas Rodriguez – Vice Presidents of Global Outreach & Partnership 
Liaison to Regions 7, 9, 13, 14 & 17

Nicolas is part of PRIDE SV - Marcha Por la Diversidad en El Salvador. At 42 years old, he came out of the closet when he was 19, in that precise moment, his family rejected him from home; being alone, tried to find information about LGBTIQ issues in Spanish, that’s was a real challenge at that time. For that reason, he promised too himself to create a webpage in Spanish with LGBTIQ resources. In the meantime finishing his journalist/advertising career, he found that webpage: ELSALVADORG, the LGBTIQ news media in central America; started covering in Spanish: the AIDS world conferences, the GAY GAMES. Suddenly he becomes the PRIDE logistic management in San Salvador since 2009, creating the Pridefest, call to action events, doing rainbow crosswalks, revealing big flags on iconic buildings, etc. After this, He got an Internship at the Los Angeles LGBT center in 2012; years later, he did a “Self Internship” on Heritage Of pride NYC in 2016; after this, he met InterPride, becoming a member in 2018. Since then he has helped to créate with other Latino colleagues a virtual gathering of Latino countries pride organizers group (Orgullo Latinoamerica). In 2020’s Quarantine, the Pandemic year, he developed ORGULLO EN CASA, a local version of “virtual global pride” for El Salvador, then in 2021, knowing that pandemic is not going away, he made a pride march with social distance. Still, at the same time broadcast, all the march on the internet for all people couldn’t be on the pride for seen from their homes. In the last months of 2021, Nicholas was elected as VP Global Outreach & Partnership Management. 

Natalie Thompson

Natalie Thompson – Vice President of Global Outreach & Partnership 
Liaison to Regions 4, 5, 6, 10 & 16
Natalie joined the InterPride Board in 2019. She is the current Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion of Capital Pride in Washington DC and joined their board in 2016. Professionally, Natalie is the Director, Programs, for a national nonprofit specializing in employment and housing supports. She graduated from the University of Mary Washington with a B.A. in Sociology and has dedicated her career to supporting the members of our community who are in greatest need. In her spare time, you can find her volunteering as a leadership coach, hanging with her partner and their two dogs, being crafty, or catching up on her television shows.

Richard Brethour-Bell

Richard Brethour-Bell - Vice President, Accessibility, Diversity & Inclusion  

Richard was raised in South Central Los Angeles, California. At age 12, he became one of the few inner-city students chosen to attend school in the affluent West San Fernando Valley of L.A. County. After graduating high school, Richard could not afford to attend college. However, the dream of becoming a college graduate never left him. After struggling with his sexuality for decades, Richard began to live his authentic life in his 30s. He met his partner James Brethour in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2008, and the two married in James’ native Toronto, Canada in 2010. They now live in Los Alamos, NM.  The moment Richard accepted his truth, he began to fight for equality. He spoke before the New Mexico State Senate, demanding the right to marry, after witnessing friends lose their homes and financial security when a partner died. He joined the Santa Fe Human Rights Alliance (HRA), the organization that produces Santa Fe Pride, and became president. The organization created a LGBT+ Presidential Scholarship for the local community college.In addition to leading the HRA, Richard has served as Region 3 director, CAPI VP, and WorldPride Co-Chair. Richard and James started a small business, and Richard completed college, earned a Master’s in Healthcare Administration, received a Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disorders and Disabilities (LEND) fellowship, and is now in the process of completing a Special Education Teaching certification. He currently works for the New Mexico Corrections Department Health Services Bureau. There, Richard provides workshops for inmates and their families on Substance Use Disorders, Opioid Overdose Prevention, Trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Adverse Childhood Experiences, Cultural Humility, and a variety of other topics, in a combined effort with the Department of Health to reduce overdose deaths, and recidivism. Richard’s public speaking extends outside of his secular position. He has given workshops on Implicit Bias Awareness, Rainbow Racism, Misandry and Misogyny, and Autism and the LGBT+ Community to multiple pride organizations, businesses, and schools, domestic and international. As VP of Accessibility, Diversity & Inclusion, I will continue to promote equality, and equity to continue the evolution of InterPride. We’ve made strides, but now is not the time to rest on our laurels, but continue to strive for growth, inclusion, and accessibility. When InterPride is strong, we’re in a better position to support membership.



Vice President of Fund Development  (vacant)

Dave Wait

Dave Wait – Treasurer 
Dave began his involvement with the pride movement in 2004 when he first volunteered for a ‘shift’ at Motor City Pride.  That led to serving as Chairperson of the festival since 2009. He began his involvement with InterPride in 2008 and became co-chair of the Conference Integrity and Structure Committee in 2014 and regional director in 2015. In addition to Motor City Pride, Dave served eight years on the board for Equality Michigan: Michigan’s statewide LGBTQ advocacy organization, one year as treasurer, one as vice president and three as president.

On a national level, for the past eleven years, he has been a member of the National LGBT Task Force Creating Change Conference’s Management Team. When not volunteering, Dave is employed by Eastern Michigan University where he serves as the Executive Director of three career and technical student organizations: DECA, SkillsUSA and FCCLA, which annually provides leadership and career development conferences for over 14,000 Michigan high school students. 

Alan Reiff

Alan Reiff – Secretary Ω
Alan has had 30 years of Pride involvement in the U.S. and internationally and has been a volunteer with Heritage of Pride for more than 30 years. Positions he has held include Co-Chair, Secretary, Outreach and PrideFest Director, Acting Treasurer, Staff Implementing Committee, and he has served on the March, Rally, and Stonewall 50 Committees.

On the Executive Board of Queens Pride, Alan’s roles have been Co-Chair, Pridefest Director, and Northeast Regional Prides (NERP) 2015 Programming Director. Working with Dirk McCall (Founder and Director) to produce OUTBronx, they’ve built a networking LGBT+ organization that creates safe spaces to increase visibility in the Bronx. Alan speaks English, Spanish, French, and some Portuguese.

‡ Elected term ends October 2022
Ω Elected term ends October 2024

Committee and Working Group Co-Chairs

Under the guidance of the Board of Directors, our committees and working groups design and execute the work of InterPride. A collective of co-chairs coordinates each of these spaces. To cultivate leadership and ensure a diversity of cultures and opinions, co-chairs are appointed by the Board of Directors for a one-year term, following an open call for applications, a selection process, individual meetings with the Co-Presidents, and the Board’s confirmation.

Conference Structure and
Integrity Committee (CSIC)

Barry Karlenzig

Jen LaBarbera

Finance Committee

Dave Wait

Governance Committee

Clive Davis

Jorge Solorio

Marsha H. Levine

Human Rights & Diversity Committee

Jannat Ali

Richard Brethour-Bell

Member Services Committee

Rick Andre

Debbie Brixey

Scholarship Committee

Sarah Elizabeth Ivens

Natalie Thompson

Solidarity Subcommittee

Alan Reiff

Matthew Van As

Strategic Planning Workgroup

Julian Sanjivan

Robyn Kennedy

WorldPride Committee

Kevin Beaulieu

Linda DeMarco

Rahul Upadhyay

Global Advisory Council (GAC)

To ensure a global representation and efficient management, InterPride distributes countries in 20 different regions. Member organizations in each region elect their representatives for a 4-year term to ensure uninterrupted communication with InterPride. Regional representatives gather the needs, requirements, feedback, and strategic desires of member organizations to better support them. Regional representatives convene under the Global Advisory Council and elect 6 delegates to represent the Global Advisory Council on the Board of Directors. They thus serve as Board members with full voting rights.

Region 1 Anna Barvir-Boone
Region 2 Michael Goodnow
Esteban (Steven) Herevia
Region 3 (vacant)
Region 4
Jordan Braxton
Mark Liberson
Region 5 Miik Martorell
Matt Comer
Region 6
Marcy Carr
Tiffany Lyn Royster
Region 7 (vacant)
Region 8 Julia Maciocha
Tom Bilý
Region 9
Rudolph Hanamji
Javier Umaña Rivera
Region 10
Andy Train
Morgan Queeney 
Region 11 (vacant)
Region 12
Uwe Hörner^
David Reichlin
Region 13
Patrick van der Pas
Erykah Werner
Region 14
Juan Carlos Alonson Reguero
Valerio Colomasi Battaglia
Region 15
Marko Mihailović
Region 16
Matthew van As^
Region 17
Welton Trindade
Region 18 Jannat Ali
Giorgi Tabagari
Region 19
Darien Chen
Rahul Upadhyay
Region 20
Diane Minnis
Russell Weston^
^Board Members  

InterPride Regions

Click here to see the InterPride Regions (Map updated 18-November-2021 4:15pm GMT)

The Caucuses

To represent the diversity of Member organizations, InterPride invites delegates to gather in self-organizing spaces called Caucuses. Caucuses are formed upon the request of a minimum of 2 delegates. InterPride organizes an annual call to our member organizations and allocates caucuses a specific time during the annual General Meeting and World Conference to further encourage caucus activity. Caucuses convene at the pleasure and discretion of their members. They are asked to communicate their needs, requirements, feedback, and strategic desires to the Board of Directors to inform the work of InterPride. The current caucuses are:

  • Autism, Disabled, People With Reduced Mobility, People With Special Needs, People with Visual Impairment Caucus 
  • Bisexual Caucus
  • People Living with HIV Caucus 
  • People Of Color & Indigenous People Caucus 
  • Seniors Caucus 
  • Small Prides Caucus  
  • Trans & Gender Non-Conforming Caucus 
  • Women's Caucus 


External consultants are contracted for specific tasks as needed. They are independent professionals who are familiar with LGBTQI+ realities. They are selected after a public call for applications and a series of interviews led by the Hiring Committee.


Madonna Cacciatore

Project Manager of Fund Development & Partnerships - Madonna Cacciatore

Her preferred name is Madonna or Mad (she/her/hers), and currently lives in Los Angeles, CA, USA. She is excited to work at InterPride because “As ED of LA Pride, I attended AGM’s and worked on committees, meeting inspiring activists from all over the world. I’m proud and excited to be of service to my Interpride family.”  Her favorite queer icon, “It’s tough to pick one but I would have to say Marsha P. Johnson, who taught us true activism, against all odds. There are more than I can write here, but they include everyone from board members with whom I’ve worked personally, to people who have risked everything for our rights.” Madonna lives by the life motto of “Every, single being deserves love, dignity and respect."


Dr. Ryan A. Starzyk

Global Project Manager - Dr. Ryan A. Starzyk

His preferred name is Dr. Ryan or Ryan (he/him/his), and he currently lives in Phoenix, AZ, USA.  He is excited to work at InterPride because “InterPride is a global icon of equality. I am honored to join the international pride family in the fight to advance equal rights around the world!”  His favorite queer icon, “Phill Wilson, is an internationally renowned HIV/AIDS advocate and activist. His dedication to fighting for communities of color transformed public policy and brought to light the severe inequalities present in our healthcare system.  I admire his commitment, activism, and genuine spirit toward supporting our African American communities.” Dr. Ryan lives by the life motto of “Only the people who say it can’t be done will be the reason it can’t get done.”


Bookkeeping Consultant - Trisha Clymore 

Her preferred name is Trisha (she/her/hers), and she currently serves as the Treasurer for Atlanta Pride Action Committee, Inc. 501(c)(4) and volunteers with The Atlanta Pride Committee. She has been involved with InterPride since 1999 and previously served as a Vice President, Co-President and Treasurer.  "It is great to be back in the capacity of bookkeeper."



Marketing & Communications Interns

The Marketing & Communications (MARCOM) Intern(s) use various digital and traditional marketing and media communication strategies to advance InterPride's mission. They communicate LGBTQIA+ educational messages through earned and social media, direct marketing, digital marketing, audience targeting, content customization techniques, digital behavior analytics, content production, and advertising and contribute to the organization's overall success. InterPride launched the new internship program in 2021.


Sarah Werth

Marketing & Communications Intern (Summer 2022) - Sarah Werth

Her preferred name is Sarah (she/her/hers), and she currently lives in Boston, MA, USA. She is excited to work at InterPride because “it prompts important conversations and is working to be more inclusive by inviting people to use their voice and participate in their work.” Her favorite queer icon, “JoJo Siwa, is a famous individual in the entertainment industry. She is a content creator and has a strong presence on several social media platforms like TikTok. I admire her perspective as a young adult and how she is a role model for younger individuals within the queer community. She was the first contestant to dance with a same-sex partner on Dancing with the Stars in 2021. I love how she played a role in influencing the representation of dance pairs on the show.” Sarah strongly believes that “storytelling is part of being human and hearing other people’s stories helps us grow, learn, and stay inspired!”