Silence to Solidarity Global Concert Replay Is On YouTube!


The Silence to Solidarity Global Concert aimed to replenish and raise funds due to the impact of COVID-19. Unfortunately, most of our resources were exhausted, but the demand remains high as we continue to support the global Pride movement.

The Concert initially streamed on March 19, 2022, and is back by popular demand! The “replay” is now available on YouTube until September 20, 2022! It includes a diverse range of global artists, musical performances, drag queens, inspiring community leaders, celebrity champions, comedians, and political activists (Concert Talent).

Watch the replay below or on YouTube!



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What We Fund

Legacy Fund

The Legacy Fund provides emergency humanitarian assistance to LGBTQIA+ organizations around the world.

Solidarity Fund

InterPride is committed to supporting the development and growth of Pride events around the world. The Solidarity Fund supports community-based events worldwide, focusing on the global south and east, where public LGBTQIA+ activities are often discriminated against.

Scholarship Fund

The Pam O’Brien Memorial Scholarship Fund was established many years ago to help financially challenged organizations attend the Annual General Meeting and World Conference. Over the years, dozens of Pride organizations have benefited from networking and learning from seasoned Pride organizers from around the world.

Where Your Funds Go

Legacy Fund

Most recently, InterPride supported COSF in Uganda for the monthly rental of the LGBTQIA+ shelter. We also supported families of LGBTQIA+ community members who were heinously murdered in South Africa.

Solidarity Fund

Since its beginning in 2013, monies have been awarded to support the staging of an LGBTQIA+ film festival, a large-scale LGBTQIA+ wedding, and the first public Pride festivities in Jinja, Uganda, and Nassau, The Bahamas.

Ukrainian LGBTQIA+ Community

A portion of the proceeds from our Silence to Solidarity Global Concert toward efforts supporting our LGBTQIA+ community in Ukraine.
Our community needs you to join in the fight for global LGBTQIA+ equality. Invest in our community today, and together, we will achieve a more equitable future.

Concert Talent

InterPride is honored to have the support of our incredible artists, singers, actors, and activists! 


Michael A. Shepperd

Lyle Anthony

Jennifer Leigh Warren

Angel Bonilla

Lea Robinson




Matthew Presidente


Bandy Kiki

Philemon Chambers

Calpernia Addams

Ty Collier

Belinda Qawamba Ka-fassle

Concert Partners









Partnership Opportunities

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We are fighting for the right to be seen as our authentic selves. If you would like to discuss Partnership Opportunities, please email the Global Project Manager of Fund Development & Partnerships, Madonna Cacciatore, at We look forward to working with you!


An InterPride and Queerencia collaboration T-shirt collection called "Silence to Solidarity" is also available. The collection's proceeds will also be donated to the three funds mentioned above. The items in this collection can be purchased by clicking here.