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2015 AGM and World Conference Attendee Resources
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A collection of forms and other conference resources for conference attendees.


The 2015 AGM Forms (Click on the title to download):


Bylaw Amendment Proposal - This form is used to propose updates to the bylaws of the organization. A bylaw change must be presented at 2 AGM's and receive a simple majority at this AGM and 2/3 at the next AGM.

Credentialing - This form must be completed by each organization attending the AGM. This serves as the official spokesperson and voting member from each organization.

Resolution Proposal - This form is used to present to the board a resolution for the organization.

Theme Proposal - The form is used to propose an official theme for 201​7​. The 2016​ theme is "Solidarity Through Pride"

Goal Submission Form - This new form is used to submit goals for a particular committee or the organization to consider going forward.

Pledge Form - T
his form is used to collect pledges for the Solidarity, Scholarship and General operating funds. 


Conference Information Sheet


InterPride Conference Website


Online Conference Schedule


Bylaw Amendments:


Absentee Voting

Bylaw Change Submission Timing

Nomination Process Change

Regional Directors Moved to Council

Two Year Bylaws Change Timeline

VP Ops Trans Identified

VP Ops Chair Committees




Resolution Regional Realignment


Candidate Profiles:


Co-President, Female Identified

Sue Doster - has been a Pride organizer for over 20 years. She has worked with both Heritage of Pride (NYC Pride) and Jersey Pride for two decades. She has served in numerous HOP board positions, including Co-Chair, Rally Director, PrideFest Director and Volunteer Coordinator. She currently serves as Strategic Planning Chair of HOP. Her past roles within InterPride have included V.P. Member Services, and Co-Chair of the CSIC and Member Services Committees. In the business world, she has worked for almost 30 years in the non-profit sector, the majority of that at amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research, where she is the Chief Technology Officer.


Vice President, Male Identified, Non-US

Frank van Dalen -

Frank van Dalen is former chair of the Dutch LGBTI-organisation COC Netherlands and the Gay Pride in Amsterdam. For COC Netherlands the board implemented a new strategy called “High Profile Politics” resulting in society embracing pro-LGBTI-policies. Amsterdam Gay Pride renewed its strategy under his leadership broadening en deepening the program. This resulted in a doubled number of participating organizations, drastic increase of (international) media-attention, support from society, a 4 days festival turning into a 10 days festival and twice as many visitors. New program lines developed like Lesbian Pride, Fetish Pride, queer youth, Pink Grey and transgender programs. 
Frank is now chair of the global operating LGBTI Human Rights workgroup of Liberal International and chair of Pride United. Pride United is specialized in programs based on high profile politics, combining advocacy, visibility and mass-events. Human Rights and strategizing LGBTI-policies are his speciality. 
In recent years he brought together ILGA, Glisa and InterPride. For InterPride Frank and his team are developing Pride Radar 2015. Last years he visited and contributed with advocacy to numerous prides in hostile environments (f.e. Warsaw 2007, Moldova 2008, Belgrade 2010 and Uganda 2013) and in pressured environments (f.e. Hong Kong 2014, Cuba 2014 and Sofia 2015). 

Vice President, Female Identified, At Large -

Marsha Levine -

Much of Marsha's initial history with InterPride is either familiar from the orientations or posted on the InterPride WIKI page, and can be reviewed there. This opportunity goes into some details about her service with the organization.
The many roles successfully undertaken have included: two years as Co-Chair [the leadership position previous to Board (Co-) President(s)], 2 years as Executive Administrator (assistant to the Chair/President), and a few terms as Regional Director. She has also contributed during her years to Board Committees such as CSIC, Scholarship, Member Services, Fund Development, and the recently formed Governance Committee, which she co-chairs.
A frequent moderator and panelist at InterPride, Marsha enjoys addressing material both informative and interactive. She would love to help work on a tracked workshop system, so that attendees can build on their education and experience attained at InterPride. Additionally, her support for a mentoring system is key to inclusion.
With over 40 years of Board of Directors experience with this and other organizations, and the ability to both unite and lead, Marsha's voice will reflect the concerns of the membership and their goals set for InterPride.
Believing strongly in constructive change, innovation, diversity, global inclusion, and a vision for the InterPride of the future; it would be an honor and pleasure to serve as Vice President, Ops, Female Identified.


Shannon Lank - Shannon Lank is the Vice President of Operations Female Identified US. Shannon also Co-Chairs the Scholarship Committee. Shannon is the Chair of the Board for Phoenix Pride - an organization that she has been involved with for the past few years. Shannon was also involved with Boston Pride prior to moving to Arizona. She has been involved in the Pride realm for the last 15 years. Outside of the Pride realm, Shannon is a full-time instructor at Arizona State University, where she teaches Women’s Studies, American Studies, Critical Reading and Thinking, and Academic Success. 


Vice President, Male Identified, At Large -


Alan Reiff -

To start, I have been affiliated with InterPride for 18 years: Board Secretary, A.R.D. R6, and Co-Chair of the Solidarity and Scholarship Committees: currently the Co-Chair of the World Pride Committee and have been continuously involved in all the World Prides starting in Rome 2000. I am also a member of the H.R Committee, and still a member of both the Solidarity and Scholarship Committees. I’ve been lucky to be able to attend many Pride events around the world, and have had the pleasure of even speaking at many of them. I.E. – Cape Cod Pride back in the late 90s, Budapest Pride 2001, Warsaw 2011, CSD-Konstanz and Baltic Pride Latvia 2013, Montpellier Pride and Madrid Pride 2014. I have helped build better ties with our EPOA partners from my time in Europe as well. I am fortunate to speak Spanish and French which allows clear and unabridged communications in many situations. Also, I have strengthened our connections with the U.S. State Department’s LGBT support section for global events. Through my passion to help create a better world for the LGBT community and from my extensive travel in Europe I am very proud to say I have developed a respected and known name for myself in the LGBTI community in the USA, Canada and in Europe. I believe I would be able to further the goals of InterPride with these qualifications.

In addition, I am currently the Co-Chair of Queens Pride. I have also been the Co-Chair (two terms) for NYCPride. Having been in a leadership role in both a smaller pride and a very large pride gives me unique insight. I believe I have the ability to be both a leader and visionary, as well as be a team player and to implement assigned tasks and duties. Furthermore, in the real world, I am an E.S.L. College Adjunct Professor at LaGuardia Community College – CUNY, and an ESL Coordinator for New York City Department of Education at a middle school in the South Bronx, an area with the highest rate of socio-economically recessed residence and highest rate of illiterate immigration/temporary housing. I am not only an administrator, I am a teacher, mother, father, brother, uncle and confidant to many adults and adolescence who have no one else to turn to. I have learned what struggle means. I have learned what communication and patience means. And I can bring this to the InterPride table as well.


Dustin Brookshire - Dustin Brookshire serves on the InterPride Board of Directors as one of the Regional Directors for Region 5, AKA Prides of the Southeast (POSE). He also serves as co-chair of the Methods & Standards Committee.

Dustin brings with him over ten years experience in the Pride movement. He has volunteered with the Atlanta Pride Committee (APC) in various roles including: lead volunteer, Co-Chair of Festival Donations on the Festival Committee, secretary of the Board, and he is finishing 2015 as the Vice Chair of the Board. In addition, he serves as a Director At-Large on the Charleston Pride Festival’s Board of Directors.

Professionally, Dustin works as a Manager of Compliance for a managed care organization. He holds a B.S. of Public Policy with a concentration in Public Management and Governance. When he is not working or volunteering, Dustin works on what he calls his “other life” as a writer.

Jaime Carrillo  - Jaime Carrillo is an experienced evaluator, grant writer, facilitator, corporate trainer and planner in the nonprofit and private health and social service industries.  He brings over 10 years of experience in evaluating and coordinating small and large-scale programs and initiatives. His practice areas are Adult Education and Training, Development Strategy, Meeting Facilitation, Grant Writing, Health Coaching, Program Design, Program Evaluation, Panel/Population Management, Training and Implementation, Participatory Action Research, Patient Communication Training, Leadership Development, Popular Education, Contract Monitoring, Systems Change, Organizational Development, Capacity Building.  As Secretary of the board of San Diego LGBT Pride, he has chaired San Diego Pride's Strategic Planningand  Grantmaking; and Policy/Compliance committees.  Jaime is also passionately involved with The Laurel Foundation, an organization that provides opportunities and support to youth and their families affected or infected by HIV/AIDS.

Treasurer -

Linda DeMarco - I have performed the duties of Treasurer since 2012.  I am an entrepreneur with 20 years of owning my own company.  I am Vice President of Boston Pride Committee and past President for 12 years.  My role within Boston Pride gives me knowledge of how Pride Organizations work with their budgets.  I am the current Vice President of the Board of Directors of Faneuil Hall Marketplace, past Treasurer for 3 years.

I would like to continue to streamline the Quickbook Process and also be able to look into remote Quickbooks so the Executive Board has ready access to look at current funds available.   Continue to invest when possible to save $ for InterPride for the future.


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