All pride events around the world in one report. In depth analysis about the trends within the global pride movement. In 2012 InterPride launched its first PrideRadar report. This flagship report connected the Pride movement with the hostility of countries they operate in.

PrideRadar 2016/2017

This report is based on a survey which generated information supplied by Pride organizations worldwide. Additionally, information has been gathered by research on the Internet and input from people both within and outside InterPride and EPOA (the European Pride Organisers Association).

There is no strict definition of what exactly constitutes a Pride event. In general a Pride event is at least partially open to the general public and lasts for one or more days, with a variety of activities and in most cases some kind of parade. Each Pride event found has been scrutinized on the basis of this definition. In order to receive a listing in this report, it is also important that the event is currently still taking place. Pride events that have not taken place in the last two years have not been listed. An exception has been made for Pride events in hostile environments, if there is at least an online platform that is still active.

Some small remarks have to be made concerning the list:

  • We can say with certainty that not every Pride in the world has been listed. The list is a «living document». If you know of Prides that have not been listed, please e-mail information about the event to We will make sure that, providing the event qualifies, it will be included in the next update of the report.
  • The survey has been translated into English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Italian. Unfortunately, some organizations are only active in specific seasons; therefore, they did not respond to the request to fill out the survey. It is important to keep in mind that more information will become available in the future.


We will not discuss the impact of a Pride event on the legal and social status of the LGBTI community. What you will find in this report are interesting numbers and figures that can help those involved in the Pride movement to shape their policies, priorities and actions.

The information gathered does not take into consideration cultural aspects of a society, but only ‘hard’ data of general aspects, which are connected to the organization of a Pride itself.

Dividing the Globe

Obviously it makes no sense to look at the world as an undivided area. Comparing the Pride movement in Latin America with the Pride movement in Africa is not very effective. The decision has therefore been made to discuss each region in the world separately, focusing on different elements in different regions.

There is no global consensus about the division of the world in countries and regions, therefore the InterPride regions are guiding the pictures you will find in this report. At the same time, some regions extend over more than one continent. In that case the geographical split on the maps was made as well. Countries with overseas islands (like France, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands) also got separated from each other because the social climate of a Pride event might differ a lot.

PrideRadar Publications

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2016/2017 2012  

How it started

PrideRadar is the brainchild of Billy Urich former Vice President and Chair of the Human Rights Committee and Mark Frederick Chapman former Co-President of InterPride. They had a vision of bringing together all Prides around the world in one report. The initial PrideRadar was issued in 2012 to coincide with InterPrides 30th anniversary.
After further draft versions in 2014 and 2015, the 2016/2017 PrideRadar Report is the next evolution of the first report. We would like to thank Billy Urich for realizing the foundations on which this and future PrideRadar Reports will be built. The inaugural PrideRadar was designed and presented by Mark Frederick Chapman. InterPride owes both gentlemen a great deal of gratitude.