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Annual Reports

The Annual Reports state the organizations work and progress documented by the Executive Committee as well as reports form the Regional Directors. They also include financial statements.

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Mid-Year Reports

The Mid-Year Reports document the organizations progress on work and decisions after the Mid-Year Meeting of the Board of Directors.

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All pride events around the world in one report. In depth analysis about the trends within the global pride movement. These reports connect the Pride movement with the hostility of countries they operate in.

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Global Pride

Global Pride 2020 was launched on 1 April as a partnership between InterPride, the European Pride Organisers Association, and national Pride networks in several countries.

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Solidarity Fund Reports

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Strategic Plan 2022 - 2024

Strategic Plan 2022 - 2024  

Organization Guides

The Bylaws of the organization.

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The Standing Rules of the organization.

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The Data Protection Policy of the organization.

Data Protection Policy

Politique de protection

des données


Política de protecção de dados Política de protección de datos



InterPride Global Internship Program

Internship Program Overview