The increasing spread of the Coronavirus / COVID-19 pandemic presents a major impact on LGBTI Pride events worldwide. InterPride is supporting all Pride Organizations by sharing resources & guidance, collating information, and coordinating a global response.

InterPride is not a medical authority and can not provide clinical or medical advice. Pride Organizers are encouraged to read and follow the guidance from the World Health Organisation (WHO) & any regional Centers for Disease Prevention and Control. Additionally, Prides should follow the advice and regulations from their respective national, state or provincial health authority on safety at public and major events.

WHO have also published helpful recommendations for those planning mass gathering events, such as Pride.

InterPride & our partners recommend that all Pride organisers have contingency plans in place should there be a need to postpone or cancel their event, and also consider the impact that public concern about coronavirus might have on volunteer recruitment, travel and other factors.

COVID19 International Coordination Group

COVID19 is bringing unprecedented challenges for the Pride movement and the international and national Pride networks are working together to ensure a coordinated approach. InterPride and EPOA are leading a COVID19 / Pride International Coordination Group which will meet regularly to discuss the impact of COVID19, how our organizations and members are responding, and what resources and supports are needed.

The following organizations have been invited to join the Group: Consolidated Association of Pride, CSD Deutschland, Fierté Canada Pride, UK Pride Organisers Network, and US Association of Prides. All participating organizations will be asked to cascade information and report back to their members and communities.

Please send any enquiries about the Group to

Impact on Pride Events

In 2020 EPOA started maintaining a Google Sheet and Google Map of known changes to LGBTI Pride events around the world. Click here to access the Sheet and here to access the map. Please send information about any cancellations or postponements to


InterPride & EPOA held a webinar on Monday 9 March 2020. Approximately 70 organizations attended and 100 registered to attend. You can watch the hour-long webinar here and download the slides here.

Facebook group

InterPride & EPOA have created a private Facebook group for Pride organizers to discuss responses to Coronavirus / COVID-19, and you can apply to join the group here – but please ensure you answer the membership questions, or your request for membership will be denied.