Racial Oppression Awareness Program

Racism & Oppression Awareness Program (ROAP)

As Pride organizers, racism and oppression is an issue we have to deal with regularly. The question is, how do we identify this, and what are the potential solutions?

Additionally, many may still be unclear about what constitutes racism, unconscious bias, prejudice, micro-aggression, oppression, colorism, colonialism, and how these are all interconnected. The ability to understand and learn about these will help us become inclusive leaders while creating a safer space for Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) communities.

Racial justice issues are fundamental to InterPride, and we have been working very hard to ensure we are communicating this as a priority.

With this in mind, we are launching our first ever Racism & Oppression Awareness Program (ROAP) in November 2020. We will organize a series of initiatives that would include:

Some of the issues we plan to discuss:

  • Understanding racism and oppression around the world - What can Pride organizers do?
  • Violence faced by transgender and gender-nonconforming people of color
  • Immigrants in the European Union
  • Colorism, the caste system, and discrimination in Asia
  • Working with Indigenous Communities
  • Police brutality and police engagement - What can Pride organizers do?
  • Working towards more inclusive leadership on the Boards of Pride organizations
  • How can Pride organizers be at the forefront of racial justice, inclusion, and creating a safe space for BIPOC individuals?

We recognize that education and advocacy of racism and oppression is a 365-day effort. As such, we will be launching various programs throughout the year to raise awareness and educate Pride organizers worldwide. These initiatives will be promoted on our website and social media platforms.

Through these efforts, we hope that we can help contribute towards the much needed progressive change within the global LGBTQI+ community.

If you are interested in contributing content for the ROAP initiative please complete the form below:

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If you have more questions or would like to be involved in any of the ROAP initiatives, please email us at info@interpride.org.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Special Event — Saturday, November 7

Please watch live on InterPride's Facebook page or YouTube channel. Be sure to like and subscribe to receive updates!

Activities Time  Speakers/Presenters
Welcome Statement 2:00 pm GMT
9:00 am EST
Hadi Damien
Co-President, InterPride
Opening Ceremony 2:10 pm GMT
9:10 am EST
Nenookaasi Ogichidaa
InterPride Anti-Racism Statement 2:20 pm GMT
9:20 am EST
Steven Herevia
Regional Representative
Region 2, InterPride
Pride 100 & Young Pride Leaders Initiatives 2:25 pm GMT
9:25 am EST
Kenneth Kwok
Founder and President
Better Together Foundation
QPoC Caucus Webinar 2:40 pm GMT
9:40 am EST
Sitara Herur
Wale Watu Performance 3:35 pm GMT
10:35 am EST
Closing Statement 3:40 pm GMT
10:40 am EST
Rahul Upadhyay
Regional Representative
Region 19, InterPride




InterPride Anti-Racism Statement

As an organization representing the global LGBTQIA+ Pride movement, InterPride acknowledges that our community is no stranger to the systemic racism against Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, shown starkly through some forms of violence in their daily lives.

Over the last 50 years of the LGBTQIA+ movement-building, the violence against Black, Indigenous, and People of Color - especially Black trans women - undeniably demonstrates ongoing structural systems of oppression and racism added to the unjust police brutality, reminding us that our work is far from done.

InterPride is committed to supporting the global Black Lives Matter movement during this critical time and doing the hard work required to address all marginalized people's injustices within our organization and communities face. To make these actions concrete with long-term impacts that will bring change within our organization and beyond, we will launch our Racism and Oppression Awareness Program in November. Additionally, we have committed to direct donations received through Global Pride 2020 to support anti-racism programs by Pride organizations worldwide.

We all understand that we need to be part of the solution. As we continue to work toward our vision of a world where there is full cultural, social, and legal equality, we believe this moment is especially critical. We must form broad coalitions committed to addressing the deep forms of structural racism that persistently manifest as forms of violence against Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.

We hold our entire Board accountable and urge every member of our committees to take concrete actions by building and setting up anti-racism, anti-oppression, accessibility, diversity, and inclusion training and educational resources. We commit to providing education to our membership organizations, partner organizations, friends, families, and communities about unconscious bias and institutionalized racism. We will persistently be the people in the room that call attention to issues of social injustice.

We call Pride organizations worldwide to join this movement and take the steps needed to end systemic racism.

Leave no one behind!




InterPride’s inaugural PRIDE 100 List represents a powerful reflection of the incredible achievements of LGBTI+ individuals, recognizing their past accomplishments and furthering their future advocacy, in relation to racism and oppression around the world. InterPride is committed to lend its global platform, for both developed and developing countries, to amplify the voices of Black, Brown, Indigenous, other people of color and marginalized peoples to catalyze equitable outcomes for all. Please nominate individuals here:

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Young PRIDE Leaders

InterPride’s answer to the Decade of Action according to the United Nations is a renewed call for anti-racism and anti-oppression that has appeared to finally reach a global and systemic level. This leads to the creation of the Young PRIDE Leaders program, which ties the celebration of pride and equality and the education of next-generation LGBTI+ leaders. Through this program, InterPride will host a global class of 20 individuals on an immersive education and experience journey of self-discovery and community giveback. Please nominate candidates here:

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