The Pam O’Brien Memorial Scholarship Fund

InterPride offers scholarships in form of a reimbursable grant to delegates from member organizations so that they can attend the Annual General Meeting and World Conference. The funds are voluntarily donated by our member organizations and sponsors.

The grant amount can be used to pay for conference registration, accommodations, meals, and transportation.

Each delegate applying, completes a Scholarship application which includes a statement of need and is reviewed by the Scholarship Committee. A member of the committee is usually assigned to assist an applicant or to assist applying organizations with any questions they have in order to complete the application correctly prior to being reviewed by the entire committee.

Scholarship distributions are made based on a submission amount requested by the applicant and the amount that the applicant is able to contribute to the actual expenses as well. Grants are usually awarded in May and in August prior to the October Annual General Meeting and World Conference.

The Scholarship grant is based on reimbursement upon producing expense receipts and submitted reports from the conference. A scholarship recipient cannot receive a scholarship grant for more than two years in a row unless extenuating circumstances can be substantiated to and by the committee.

The goal of attendance is to elevate each delegate’s awareness and activism through workshops, plenaries, and networking opportunities, which they can then turnkey with their colleagues when they return home.


The Pam O’Brien Memorial Scholarship Fund was established many years ago to help financially challenged organizations attend the Annual General Meeting and World Conference. Over the years dozen of Pride organizations have received the benefit of networking and learning from seasoned Pride organizers from around the world.
This opportunity is only made possible only through the generosity of individuals and member organizations. We are very grateful for the donations that are received every year. It is an important benefit of membership of InterPride.
Pam O’Brien was on the Board of InterPride and Cape Cod Pride and a former Chair of the InterPride’s Scholarship Committee. She was renown in Cape Cod and a recipient of the David Norrie Award from Heritage of Pride of New York City. Pam was a passionate champion of the Scholarship fund and was instrumental in helping get it more attention and keeping it relevant. Pam passed away on June 3, 2008 and later that year, the Scholarship fund was named in her honor and memory. Pam will be forever remembered and always missed.


Application Process

Applications for 2020 have closed.

Member Pride organizations may apply to the Fund. It was created to assist as many organizations as possible to attend the Annual General Meeting and World Conference.