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Advocacy Program

Advocacy Program

InterPride was granted Consultative Status at the United Nations in June 2023. InterPride uplifts the voices of Pride Organizers and member organizations through attending UN meetings and gatherings, consulting UN mechanisms, and delivering written statements and oral presentations.

Pride Advocacy

Pride Advocacy

InterPride has held consultative status at the United Nations since June 2023. This status allows InterPride to participate in United Nations meetings and gatherings, consult with UN mechanisms, including the Universal Periodic Review, Treaty Bodies, and Special Procedures, and deliver written statements and oral presentations.

Stakeholder Dialogues and Interviews

Stakeholder Dialogues and Interviews

Starting in November, InterPride will hold a series of interviews and dialogues with member organizations, especially with Pride Activists based in states that restrict or limit LGBTI people’s right to safe and peaceful assembly. If you are interested in participating in a dialogue or being interviewed, please click the button below to submit your name and contact information.


Help us form and design a meaningful and member-driven advocacy program for you.



(SEPTEMBER 13, 2023) — On 7 June 2023, InterPride was granted consultative status at the United Nations through the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). After a process that lasted more than five years, this is a vital and extraordinary recognition of the importance of Prides worldwide.


“InterPride now further elevates the realities of LGBTQI+ Pride Organizers in UN institutions. The process has been long and challenging. We are thankful for the individuals within InterPride who have generously supported this work that makes us one of the few LGBTQI+ organizations with the access to speak and participate at the UN,” said Hadi Damien and Natalie Thompson, Co-Presidents of InterPride.


ECOSOC Consultative Status means InterPride can now access United Nations spaces, engage with UN mechanisms to advocate for LGBTQI+ peoples’ rights, and deliver written statements and oral presentations. The status is essential to bring the voices of Pride organizers into the United Nations.


“Each day at InterPride, we stand up for LGBTQI+ people and their right to live and safely gather in spaces free from violence and discrimination. Now, we can support our members in their fight to gather, change hearts and minds, and build a world where LGBTQI+ people are free and equal through the hard-fought-for ability to uplift voices at the United Nations. I am excited for what we can do together,” highlighted Richard Brethour-Bell, InterPride’s Vice President of Diversity, Inclusion, and Accessibility.


InterPride has led global, regional, and national human rights actions through its Human Rights committee for over 15 years. To leverage the access opportunities for Pride Organizers to advocate at the United Nations, InterPride is establishing a Pride Advocacy Program. The program will help raise the voice of Pride organizers at International human rights mechanisms and partner with organizations advocating for the rights of LGBTQI+ people in various spaces, including the United Nations Human Rights Council and General Assembly.


“In the face of growing and coordinated anti-rights actions against LGBTI people in countries worldwide, it is vital that InterPride brings the voices of Pride organizers and members organizations into United Nations spaces. I am honored to have led the process for InterPride to gain consultative status that allows our movements to document human rights violations against LGBTI people and advocate for the safety and protection of LGBTQI+ people when they gather in protest and celebration,” shared J. Andrew Baker, UN Advocacy Coordinator at InterPride.

Around the globe, Pride organizers face violence, discrimination, and violations of LGBTQI+ human, economic, cultural, and social rights. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states, “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.” Pride organizers uphold the Universal Declaration for LGBTQI+ people through marches, peaceful protests, acts of visibility, and other programming. These frontline activists advocate and fight daily for their governments to uphold the right of freedom of peaceful assembly and association for LGBTQI+ people.


In the coming year, InterPride plans to conduct a series of stakeholder dialogues with member organizations and Pride organizers to determine the priority goals of the advocacy program. In addition, InterPride will formalize partnerships with other LGBTQI+-led and LGBTI-supportive organizations delivering actions within the mechanisms of the United Nations. By the end of 2024, InterPride plans to attend UN meetings and strengthen relationships with member states regularly. The organization will deliver member-informed statements at the UN Human Rights Council that bring awareness to the experiences of LGBTQI+ people globally in their fight to realize the right of freedom of peaceful assembly and the right to life, liberty, and security.


The InterPride team who has worked on the ECOSOC application features the here-above quoted individuals, as well as other InterPride’s Officers, namely: former Board Member & initiator of the ECOSOC application procedure Frank van Dalen; former Co-Presidents Sue Doster, Brett Hayhoe, Julian Sanjivan, and Linda DeMarco; former Board Member Michelle Irimia; and incumbent Treasurer Dave Wait.



InterPride brings together Pride organizations from around the world, as well as regional, national, and local Pride networks, therefore contributing to the global coordination of Pride efforts. InterPride has over 375 member organizations in over 70 countries. Its work impacts millions worldwide through our members. InterPride is also the owner and licensor of the WorldPride™ brand, and InterPod, The Global Voices of Pride Podcast, the official podcast powered by InterPride.


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