About InterPride


InterPride brings together Pride organizations from around the world, as well as regional, national, and local Pride networks, therefore contributing to the global coordination of Pride efforts. We currently gather over 400 organizations from more than 70 countries.

To assist Pride organizers design and conduct the most important visibility event that deconstructs myths, lies, and prejudices surrounding LGBTIQ+ realities. InterPride promotes lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and intersex Pride, maximizes networking and communication among Pride Organizations, offers resources, empowers, and leverages education.

Member organizations usually meet in person every year during Regional Conferences and the General Meeting & World Conference (GM&WC). InterPride owns and awards the licence for the “WorldPride” brand, the international flagship Pride event. These events are hosted by an InterPride member organization who are confirmed through a membership vote.

InterPride defines Pride as the most visible LGBTIQ+ public event that can take place in a given city. It could be a parade, a march, a rally, or a festival, at least partially open to the general public, organized for and promoting the visibility of people identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender, intersex, and other sexual or gender identities, and commemorating a historical event such as the Stonewall Uprising or another LGBTIQ+ milestone.

InterPride recognizes four levels of membership: full, associate, affiliate, and provisional membership. Click here to learn more about Membership

InterPride is wholly run by volunteers who are all delegates of full Member Pride organizations. Delegates serve as officers on the Board of Directors, regional representatives within the Global Advisory Council, and co-chairs of committees and working groups. External consultants are regularly contracted to assist the organization as needed. Learn more about InterPride’s structure.


Values Statement

InterPride commits to the following values:


We all have made a commitment to InterPride. To fulfill the responsibilities of our role in the organisation, to support our colleagues, and to further the mission of InterPride. With that commitment, we make the choice to trust one another. We will trust that each person is here to further the mission of InterPride in their own way, and that collaboratively we can accomplish our goals. We will be open and transparent about our views, feelings and personal values as they relate to our work at InterPride.


Every one of us comes from different parts of the world, with different life experiences, abilities, skill sets, privileges and perspectives. We commit to being respectful with one another at all times. This includes respecting different opinions than our own.


We make a commitment to follow through on the tasks we have committed to. We will communicate regularly about our work, participate in Board and Committee meetings, and respond to communications. We will ask for help when needed and acknowledge when we aren’t able to complete something on time. We are a learning team and commit to ownership of our mistakes and failures. As a team, we commit to supporting each other, and ensuring that the work of InterPride is accomplished.


InterPride supports all people of diverse sexual orientations, gender identities, gender expressions, and sex characteristics. We commit to celebrating this diversity in the global pride movement, our team and our member organisations. We will refrain from any form of racism, ableism, sexism, homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, interphobia, or other identity-based discrimination or judgement.


We are a global organisation and therefore will have many people from different cultures and ways of life on our team. Our personal culture is complex and is not defined only by our locality or nationality. We commit to being open to learning from each other and acknowledging that we will approach things differently than others on the team. We make a commitment to embrace, acknowledge and celebrate our cultural similarities and differences.


Equity, equality and fairness are foundations to our work as the leadership of InterPride. We come together to make a positive impact on each other, our members, the global pride movement and the world. We recognize that we face adversity in our work, and that we are impacted as individuals by that adversity. We commit to being helpful and compassionate to each other. We will strive as individuals to be approachable by our peers. We agree to respond rather than react to both internal and external factors. We will take the time to show each other we care. As a team, we will have positive relationships with our peers, our members and other people impacted by our work.


As a team we strive to create safe spaces for ourselves and our members. Spaces that are free from judgment based on identity or experience. We are aware that we cannot guarantee a safe space. We commit to creating and staying in a Brave Space. A space that facilitates dialogue, recognizes difference, overcomes oppression, and expects each person to share experiences and be open to new understandings. A space where we own the intent of our actions and their impact on the organisation and others. A space where we choose to challenge each other with respect, to embrace diversity and to be honest about our emotions.


A world with full cultural, social, and legal equity for all.


Empowering Pride Organizations Worldwide.


Governing Documents

  • By-Laws
  • Standing Rules
  • Values Statement
  • Data Protection Policy


InterPride is incorporated in the U.S.A. and is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization under U.S. law. It is funded by membership dues, sponsorship, merchandise sales, and donations from individuals and organizations. InterPride assists member organizations at their discretion. InterPride promotes networking, makes introductions, shares good practices, suggests ideas, mentors, offers advice, provides education/information, and assists when needed. InterPride doesn’t interfere in Member organizations’ local matters and calls for de-escalation and dialogue to build on the global impact of visibility through Pride. Member organizations and Prides worldwide design and organize their events without the direct involvement of InterPride.