July 2023 | Human Rights & Diversity Committee

July 2023 | Human Rights & Diversity Committee

InterPride Global Trans Task Force


InterPride, in collaboration with the Human Rights & Diversity Committee, is pleased to announce the formation of the InterPride Global Trans Task Force (IGTTF). The mission and vision of the Global Trans Task Force is to provide education and advocacy on transgender issues that improve the quality of life for the global transgender community and to celebrate those lives. Three pillars define the task force; Educate, Advocate, and Celebrate.


Why is this task force necessary?


With the advent of attacks on our trans siblings worldwide, we as a global organization and LGBTQIA+ community must come together and put forward actionable measures to improve the lives of our most vulnerable #ChosenFamily members.

The focus of this task force is to:


Bring attention and awareness to the violent attacks, legislative proposals, and general well-being of our global transgender community.


Provide resources and support to the global transgender community.


Examine the atmosphere of InterPride to ensure it is a safe space for transgender people to participate.


The IPGTTF is being championed by InterPride Board member and Region 4 Global Advisory Council Representative Jordan Braxton. Jordan is looking for members to join the IPGTTF and help support our global Transgender community. If you want to join the IPGTTF, please click this link (insert link here) and submit your application. The IPGTTF will consist of up to 15 members. Get your application in today.


Our first official meeting will be held in mid-August. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Yours in Pride,

Yours in Pride,

Jordan Braxton (she/her)

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