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WorldPride 2021

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Global Prides Calendar 2021

We want to know your plans for 2021! Are you holding a Pride event? Will it be in-person, online/virtually, or both? Are you cancelling it? Please complete this form by providing your details and we will add them to our Global Prides Calendar.


Annual World Conference bidding for 2022

The Conference Structure and Integrity Committee (CSIC) is getting ready to accept bids for the 2022 InterPride Annual World Conference (AWC). Here are our rules for hosting an Annual World Conference – a guide to what you need to do and our bid proposal requirements and format for 2022. 


Global Black Pride 2021

Global Black Pride 2021 is celebrating this year with the Theme “What About Us.” Join our fellow community members in this historic event on June 25th that InterPride is a partner of. Learn More! 


StarBase and Dreamland present PrideXR

The world’s first hybrid live/virtual reality Pride event, on June 25-27, 2021. Brought to life by the visionaries behind experiential event company FreshWata, StarBase is a new private and public hybrid entertainment and event space located in Las Vegas that combines live and virtual event experiences. Learn More! 

PrideRadar 2016_2017


All pride events around the world in one report. In depth analysis about the trends within the global pride movement. This report connects the Pride movement with the hostility of countries they operate in. Download the PrideRadar report


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Latest News

InterPride Task Force (IPTF) Final Report released

The InterPride Task Force (IPTF) began meeting every week since January 2020 to examine the events that took place before, during, and after the 2019 Athens GMWC, allegations that were raised by some of the bidding organizations, and looking at the running of InterPride.

After analyzing the situation, the IPTF has compiled a report which includes recommendations based on this research and investigation. The IPTF has taken every care to look at ways to make this organization stronger and to future-proof the WorldPride brand. The IPTF strongly urges the Board and all committees to look over these recommendations and to adopt these changes as a matter of priority. The IPTF also urges the membership to review this report to understand what has taken place since the 2019 AGM.

Please be advised that these are recommendations, and therefore implementation of these recommendations will happen at the Board and committee level. Any questions related to these recommendations and their implementation need to be directed to the the Board and relevant committee(s) for their consideration.

Disclaimer: The original report was written in English and then translated into Spanish, Portuguese, and French. If there are sections that need additional clarification, please refer to the English version as some terminology may not directly translate. For all questions, discrepancies, or disputes, we will refer only to the English version of the report.


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